Columbus Academy

Columbus Academy Dues

In an attempt to include as many families as possible, Columbus Academy has three categories of dues:
$10 - Friends of Columbus Academy are families who aren't yet homeschooling, but would like to be part of the community. Their oldest children will not have started school yet.
$30 - Full membership for families with school-aged children. (Early-bird price of $25, if paid by September 15th) If you are newly joining Columbus Academy, please go to "Request Membership" at the very top of this page to find our full registration form. 

$10 - Alumni of Columbus Academy are families whose youngest have already graduated from high school, but who want to remain part of the community.

**New families receive a discounted rate of $25**
You may make your payment by mailing your check, made out to "Columbus Academy", to:
Columbus Academy  
PO Box 7525
Des Moines, IA 50323  
(Note: Dwolla payment is no longer supported.)